About Hoon-in

​History of Hoon-in

Hoon-in was founded by Nyokai priests who are the disciple of Shinga priests of Joganji Temple.
A lightning strike destroyed the temple, but it was restored by the monk Ninga around 1190.
The temple issue was changed to Hoon-in in response to the order of Ninnnaji Hoon-in around 1648.
It is reported that Tosei, a disciple of the famous haiku player Basho, brought Basho's bone to Hoon-in.

■ denomination: Koyasan Shingonshu

■ The central Buddha statue: Dainichi-Nyorai

Main Prayer hall

​ Dainichi-Nyorai statues are centrally located. The Kobo Daishi statue sitting on the right side and the Hudo-Myoo statue on the left side. Chairs are located in the worship area, allowing you to relax and enjoy.

Ajikan meditasion

Ajikan is a traditional meditation method of Shingon esoteric.
Not only experienced people but also beginners can experience it.
Those who wish to experience the Ajikan need to make an advance reservation.