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What's Shukubo ?

What's Shukubo?

The name Shukubo consists of "Shuku", which means accommodation, and "Bo", which means temples.
There has been a temple where worshipers can stay for a long time at a pilgrimage site in Japan. Many places of worship are in remote places and places where the natural environment is severe.
As it is not possible to go on a day trip, it seems that accommodation facilities have been added to the temple of the worship site naturally.

Shukubo in Koyasan

There are 117 temples in Koyasan. They contain 52 Shukubo.
Shukubo continues the old style.
Shukubo's day begins with the Morning Service in the early morning.
All rooms are Japanese-style rooms. Put a futon on the tatami mat.
The bath is a traditional communal public bath. The toilet is equipped Western-style toilet and heating toilet seat with a washlet in style according to the times.
If you stay in Shukubo's room, you can feel the old history.
It is deep spirituality and silence.
You can feel deep peace in your own mind.



Shukubo Meals
Meals are traditional shojin dishes.
Breakfast is white rice, miso soup, pickles, fried tofu stew, seasoned nori seaweed, boiled beans.
Dinner is white rice, soup, pickles, sesame tofu, seasonal vegetable tempura, boiled beans, only fried eggplant sesame sauce, Koya tofu and seasonal vegetables boiled, Japanese yam sauce, seaweed mozuku vinegar sauce, seasonal fruits .
All simmered dishes are cooked with kelp soup.
No fish, no fish, no meat.
Shojin food seems to be a monotonous taste, but Hoon-in's Shojin food does not have a light taste, and it makes us feel the full taste of the vegetables.

By eating Shojin food you can feel your body and spirit purified.
Hoon-in responds to various allergies according to recent needs. For example, for gluten-free food use rice flour instead of wheat flour and also use organic soy sauce. Use grated radish organic soy sauce instead of miso and lemon juice instead of vinegar. The tempura pot also uses a pot for rice flour. Hoon-in's gluten-free food is not light and offers the same flavor and taste as ordinary Shojin dishes.
Allergic foods, such as gluten-free foods, need special preparation, so please make a reservation.

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